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Day 1 & Day 2
14th to 15th Feb 2:19

09:00 – 18:00

Official opening hours of the exhibition are from 09:00-18:00 on both days.  

X1 – X2

Freie Universität Berlin / RIOT

Freie Universität Berlin Computer Science


Innovation needs flexibility. In the IoT, this means to run your application and services easily on the plethora of IoT hardware that is currently available and to distribute your IoT application easily. We showcase RIOT, the friendly operating system for the IoT, and RAPstore, an app store for RIOT.

RIOT — The friendly operating system for the Internet of Things

RIOT powers the IoT like Linux powers the Internet. RIOT is a free, open source developed by an international grassroots community.

RIOT supports most low-power IoT devices and microcontroller architectures (32-bit, 16-bit, 8-bit). RIOT aims to implement all relevant open standards supporting an Internet of Things that is connected, secure, durable & privacy-friendly.

RAPstore — An app store for IoT devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer for the Internet.
However, to be successful on the long-term, the IoT needs an ecosystem that enables easy and secure adaption of IoT devices to the needs of their consumers. A key enabler to achieve this goal is software.

RAPstore is a project that designs and develops is an app store for low-end IoT devices. Similar to the mobile market, RAPstore aims for a platform that allows application developers to share software with end users, and to allow end users to update their IoT devices more easily compared to the current state of art. In contrast to the mobile market, these applications will run on many more devices with very constrained resources. We develop our solutions for the most modern operating system of the IoT, RIOT.

RAPStore Sponsor - Federal Ministry Of Education And Research

Room: Budapest, X1-X2


Imagine Intelligent Materials


We engineer “things” so they can speak for themselves. Smart Cities, Smart Floors, Smart Walls, Smart Roofs, Smart Cars, Smart Car Seats, Smart Roads…

Imagine Intelligent Materials was founded in 2014 in Sydney, Australia. The founders, from a background of materials science, signals processing and business, had a singular vision: to deliver infinitely scalable sensing systems using graphene enabling every part of the built environment to communicate.

We believed then that the world needs more information to make informed decisions, and that we would be able to make building smart, roads smart, cars smart… and in so doing deliver massive productivity gains to our partners and customers. At the same time we believed that materials science has the capacity to solve many of the world’s biggest problems.

We are well advanced on our mission.

  • We built the first commercial graphene manufacturing plant in Australia.
  • We pioneered the development of conductive coatings using graphene.
  • We were to first to make leak detection geotextiles using graphene.
  • We have established a vertically integrated business model.

Our graphene coatings deliver sensing capabilities to materials without impacting the structural integrity of the substrate. Our prototype signal processing devices can extract useful data from the materials on stress, moisture and heat.

We are now developing reference designs for these devices to enable them to be manufactured at scale.

Room: Budapest, X3





Knuper is a young startup specialized on the secure analysis of sensitive Big Data. Our approach is based on secure multi-party computation and federated learning. We enable an IoT environment where everything is possible – except sharing raw data.

Room: Budapest, X4


IoT connctd

IoT connctd


The internet of Things (IoT) is going to represent all elements of the physical world.
IoT connctd has built the model driven open and scalable IoT platform to represent the physical world on the internet semantically.
It’s the flexible universal operating system for data based services in the world of IoT. It’s made to create diverse services for smart home/building, energy/grids, smart city and even internal processes in an industrial environment.

You are a creative developer or service provider, e.g. a telco, utility, insurance company, and it’s your goal to develop data driven services decoupled from specific hardware?
That’s great. connctd supports exactly that.

IoT connctd

Room: Budapest, X5


DIN – German Institute for Standardization e. V.

DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung


International Standards provide a common language for the technical world, supporting global trade. The development and use of International Standards is recommended by the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a means of preventing technical barriers to trade due to national standards.

DIN represents German interests within ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. Today, roughly 85 % of all national standards projects are European or international in origin.

DIN Industrie 4.0

Room: Budapest, X6





HyperCart – The next level customer experience in retail.

The new shopping cart from HyperCart helps the customer to find and chose the right products and charges for them through object recognition on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) basis.

The payment is done automatically when the customer leaves the store.

  • Everything is touchless
  • No queues
  • Less sales staff
  • Individual service through voice assistants

HyperCart makes the customer happy and increases the shopping basket value through dynamic and individualized product recommendations.

HyperCart accompanies the customer.

  • Checkout directly at cart
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Cross – and Up -Selling
  • Touchless payments
  • No queues
  • Voice Assistant
  • AR promotions and navigation
  • Store navigation
  • Real-time promotions, deals
  • Build product bundles in real time
  • Face Recognition
  • Segmented and targeted marketing
  • Recipes for the products chosen and sent to customer

Increasing retail sales and reducing costs – HyperCart makes this possible.

  • Lower personnel costs (up to -35% savings potential)
  • Sales increase with the help of personalized product recommendations and promotions (up to +12% shopping basket value)
  • Reducing marketing costs by sending relevant and product-based advertising messages (up to -20% saving potential)
No Checkout NoQueues | RAPStore

Room: Budapest, X7





The revolution of mobile communication: About 75% of people are hesitant to contact other people they don’t know directly. Often they are using the Internet for the sake of a more easy and less direct access to get to know other people.

In.Fi enables people to make first time contact with other people they do not know via smartphone without even the need to exchange contact data prior.

Indoor navigation always and everywhere. Never again get lost in the airport or look for a long time, not even abroad. Never again waste time on searches at trade fairs.

Smart Retail: In the Retail Markets, the products can be recorded in their sum and their position and made available to the users of the In.Fi application as a data basis for navigation. Usable also at IoT and Industry 4.0


Room: Budapest, X8

X9 – X10


TOUCHING INNOVATIONS Matchmaking Premium Partner | Join Talentese’s booth and find out more about our Matchmaking Shakehands Zone in the Lounge. Check out the Matchmaking schedule for 5 different sessions, connecting founders, investors, corporates and more professionals: TI2019 Matchmaking Agenda



Whether you’re looking for establishing new professional connections or in search for talents for your company, our recruiting & networking partner Talentese is there for you! Talentese is a German job portal for startups ensuring the best match between companies and job seekers.

We are presenting a Shakehands and Matchmaking Zone at the event – check it out for:
• Discussion sessions on the hottest field-related topics
• Career, connections & acquaintance matchmaking
• Career consultancy and employer presentations of the participating companies


Do you want your company to be presented at the event, too?
Register your free profile at Talentese and make sure you’re visible to job seekers!

As a “TOUCHING INNOVATIONS” participant you’ll also get a 15% discount for our extra content production services: https://www.talentese.com/for-companies/

Talentese + TOUCHING INNOVATIONS Matchmaking

Room: Lounge and Budapest, X9-X10



Raccoon Ventures


Capital building for great companies.

We create wealth through business acquisitions and sales, as well as sustainable financing of technology and manufacturing companies.

15 years in development, scaling, expansion, performance and exits of our own start-up and service companies make us your suitable consultant with sound knowledge, based on our own experience.

Our consulting focus is on Central and Eastern Europe for technology, production and software companies only. We provide buyers and financing partners from Western and Northern Europe, North America, Asia and Israel.

Our Services include:

  • The company sale
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Growth capital

Room: Budapest, X11


Investitionsbank Berlin

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)


IBB is the business development bank of the Federal Land of Berlin. With its business support, it actively contributes towards developing Berlin as a hub for business and industry. Our staff working in housing and real estate promotion are the people to contact for all issues related to real-estate financing.

IBB is a reliable, strong partner for Berlin and its business community. For us, ‘Working for Berlin’ means providing optimum support for Berlin-based businesses through tailored financing. IBB’s business development activities are geared primarily towards loan-based and investment-orientated forms of finance which are offered as revolving support funds.

Room: Budapest, X12



TOUCHING INNOVATIONS Mixed Reality Premium Partner | Join PANTHEA’s booth to deep dive into virtual realities. Get insights into AR/VR/MR and create new customer experiences to drive sales.



Surtitling is the art of projecting translations above a stage during a theatre or opera performance, in synchronisation with the actors.
Our team has been amongst the first to introduce surtitles for foreign visitors, notably in Berlin.
PANTHEA is made up of highly experienced teams in Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany, that have been active in surtitling for more than 15 years.

PANTHEA is the European leader of surtitling solutions for performing arts. It is the only company that offers complete services in this field. In 2018, the company provided surtitles for over 2000 performances and welcomed guests of more than 60 nationalities.


  • Produces surtitles in a variety of languages
  • Provides surtitling hardware equipment
  • Innovates with mobile device solutions, including smartglasses
  • Operates surtitles during performances

Room: Budapest, X13




We are innovator, developer, manufacturer and supplier of smart light products
As a fullservice B2B partner we provide ready-made and customized solutions suitable for a large number of applications. We enable you to embed smart and flexible lighting technology into your product.

LUNATIVE is uniquely positioned to provide and further develop the components of smart light technology. It can service a smart digital light system that can be linked to various components like fashion apparel, many consumer goods & tools as well as sport- and wellness products. It is even possible to connect to products to the areas of interior design, marine design and many other areas.
Start collaboration and let your products glow!

Room: Budapest, X14


Cisco openBerlin Innovation Center



Driving success with co-innovation.

Digitization is changing markets faster than ever before: Only companies who constantly reinvent themselves will have long-term success. But designing and driving innovation today is anything but easy. In the age of the Internet of Things, it is important to remain on top of comprehensive networking and the immense amounts of data resulting from it. In addition, the variety of possible applications and the technological complexity demand broad expertise. A single company alone is practically unable to do this.

In openBerlin we initiate and execute co-innovation projects by bringing customers and our partner ecosystem together. Based on IoT solutions we are creating innovations and new ideas.

Room: Atrium, XA1


Münchner Kaffeerösterei

Muenchner Kaffeeroesterei


We use artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual reality for the maximum coffee experience.
Our vision:

With the help of VR, we take our guests to trade fairs and events directly to the coffee growing region to show them the current conditions.

With the help of AI (image recognition), we can evaluate the quality of the coffee after it has been harvested in the coffee growing area.

With Blockchain we eliminate corrupt quality managers in the growing areas and save up to 50% of the bureaucratic costs.

The end consumer scans our coffee bag in the shop and sees in real time when the coffee has been packaged, roasted, shipped, harvested and grown.

Room: Atrium, XA2



Desk.Works Logo


Are you a freelancer, startup owner, entrepreneur and you’re looking for a place to work? Thanks to our app you can book a coworking space all around the world for an affordable price, tailored for your needs! Choose between 3 different price categories to find the best offer that suits your needs.

DESK.WORKS is a mobile app that meets the needs of startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs – it lets you book a coworking space directly from your smartphone. It is the answer to the strongest office trend of our times: mobility. In the same time, workspace owners can offer their own desks for temporary or long-term rental to other users. You no longer need to spend time searching for offices on their way to travel the world as everything is never more than a few taps away! Sign up and find the perfect desk or register your coworking space and become the home of unicorns!

Room: Atrium, XA3


Get Together on Day 1, 14th February 2019

Enjoy our Networking Get Together and party with us in the Atrium with free drinks and food, as well as a DJ and dance floor, a lot of fun, a little Valentine’s Day surprise…and fantastic people… 🙂

Networking | Get Together | Business Contact | Startup | TOUCHING INNOVATIONS

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